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How to Find a South Asian Therapist Who Speaks Hindi in Ontario

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Hindi speaking woman

It's not uncommon to encounter individuals seeking counselling and therapy in their native language. Here is some help and ideas on finding Hindi-speaking counselling that best suits your needs if you live in Ontario.

In Canada, there are 92,000 Hindi speakers, according to a 2021 census. So it would be natural for those Canadians (and any Hindi-speaking residents of Canada) to seek a Hindi-speaking therapist when they find themselves struggling with a personal issue.

Why do I need a Hindi-speaking therapist?

If you speak Hindi and come from an Indian family and think you might benefit from a therapist who understands your culture and first language, then the following guidance is for you.

While speaking English may come to you readily as part of daily life in Canada, much of how you feel or think can be sourced from your Indian culture and upbringing. That is because the culture each person is raised in will affect how they feel and think. This is true for anyone, no matter what their cultural background is, not just Hindi-speakers.

Trying to express yourself in English when your mother tongue is another language might also feel difficult at times because some things simply get lost in translation.

What are your therapy needs?

Therapy and counselling needs differ from person to person. Apart from language, there are several other considerations to think about.

Which mental health professional should I choose?

There can be a lot of confusion about the different mental health designations to consider. They include registered psychotherapist and psychologists, Which one should you choose? For this, it is worth reading our post: What is the difference between psychiatrist, psychologist, and psychotherapist.

Type of therapy should I choose?

You might also consider what kind of therapy are you looking for? We know you’re seeking Hindi speaking counselling, but do you know what type of counselling you want or need? Would you prefer a more structured type of therapy or perhaps a talk-oriented or somatic-based type of counselling? If you’ve immigrated from India you might be familiar with psychodynamic, CBT, DBT or somatic, body-based therapies. They're each quite different, so having an idea of what you’d like, or the type of counselling you’ve done in the past could be beneficial.

Are you looking for something more solution-focused or insight oriented? Do you think a more directive approach would benefit you or something which allows you to lead? Are you looking for something time limited and structured or more free flowing and gradually paced? When meeting with a therapist for your consultation, share your ideas with the therapist and they can help guide you.

Which mental health services are covered by public and private health insurance?

Then there is the important consideration of how you will pay for the counselling you choose. Will your insurance benefits cover the fees? Who is covered? Do you need private coverge or does OHIP cover the service? For some people they have decided to proceed with a therapist and they can pay out of pocket or their insurance covers the fees. For others this might be a limitation to which professional they work with. Our recommendation would be to reach out to the prospective therapist and ask for the registration for their governing body which you can then in turn send directly to our insurance provider to see if your insurance benefits cover the mental health professional you’re hoping to work with.

Will I face community stigma?

Some people might shy away from the prospect of being seen by a therapist from the same community that they come from. Some can experience a sense of shame or embarrassment when discussing personal issues with someone who shares their cultural background. As such, speaking to a person from a different culture might feel safer. Yet a lack of context around cultural issues from a therapist who doesn’t share your culture might also complicate issues.

The fear of being judged might, at times, keep you from seeking help from a therapist. This might be more true of some communities over others, where mental health and mental illness could be considered interchangeable. Let's face it, few people like to talk about either topic. Certainly in India, mental health is still wildly stigmatized. Perhaps that may be less true in Canada, but it would be reasonable to feel some fear about this if you were raised in an Indian family.

It helps to remember that at the end of the day, therapy is your own personal journey and it is an extension of your private thoughts, your inner world and how you see the world. It’s meant to be for you, a safe and private space for you to disentangle yourself and your thoughts and feelings.

What about confidentiality?

When you choose to come to counselling, the one thing you can look forward to is confidentiality. Know that what you say is confidential and private. Your therapist will work with you without judgment or recourse. Note: There are some limitations to this. Professional therapists have legal obligations that must be considered, so be sure to clarify what those are when you reach out to the therapist you choose to work with.

Ok I’m ready! Where can I find a Hindi-speaking therapist?

Thank goodness for Google! It is fairly easy to find Hindi-speaking counselling by using Google search engine. Perhaps that is how you found this article. A good resource to check is the Psychology Today listings because they’re so easy to use, and you can select your therapist by city and then filter by language. In Ontario, you can go to, the College of Registered Psychotherapists, and search for a regulated professional that speaks Hindi. However choosing a therapist from a series of listings may seem intimidating or daunting. Of course, since you are already on our website here at, you can reach out to us (since you’ve gotten to know us a little by reading this article). Read on below for more details about reaching out to a Hindi-speaking therapist on our team.

Get in touch

If you or someone you know would benefit from a Hindi speaking counselling, reach out to me and my team via email at

and we will connect you with an Ontario-based Hindi-speaking therapist on our team. We offer a free 30-minute consultation via phone or video chat and we’re available for online sessions using our secure online video platform across Ontario and for in-person sessions in select cities.


Yeh kafi common hai ki jab therapy ya counselling ke bare mei sochte hai, toh hum chahte hai aisa therapist jo humse humari bhasha mei baat kar paye. Yeh article khas taur pe unlogo ke liye hai jo ek hindi bolne wala therapist dhund rahe hai Ontario province mei. Canada mei lagbhagh 92,000 log hai jo Hindi bolte hai 2021 census ke hisab se. Toh iss baat se hum samajh sakte hai ki hindi speaking therapist ki demand bhi kafi hogi Canada mei. Mujhe ek hindi Bhasak therapist ki zarurat kyun hai? Agar aap hindi bolte hai, India se hai and Hindi aapki mother tongue hai ya agar second known language bhi hai, and aap aisa therapist dhund rahe hai jo na kewal aapki bhasha samjhe, par aapki sanskrati se bhi parichit ho, toh iss iss article se aapko thori guidance mil sakti hai. Bhasha ka ek bahut mehetvapurna roop hota hai na kewal humari zindagi mei, par humari parvarsih mei aur humari tarbiyat mei bhi. Jis tarah ke mahaul mei hum badhe hue hai, uska asar padta hai humari soch pe and hum kya mehsus karte hai. Iske chalte, yeh samjhna asaan hai, ki english bhale hi hume ache se aati ho, and hum uska istemaal karte hai roz Canada mei, phir bhi humara khud se rishta aur humara jo aantarik sansaar hai, uski pehli neev humare bachpan, ghar aur ghar mei mahaul mei payi jayegi. Kai cheeze jo hum kehna chahte hai, woh agar dusri bhasha mei kehne ki koshish kare toh uska arth kahi na kahi kho jata hai. Meri kya zarurarte hai therapy se judi?

Har insaan ki zarurat aur samajh therapy ko leke alag hoti hai. Bhasha ke alawa bhi kai aur cheeze hoti hai, jiske bare mei hume sochna padta hai. Kis Mental Health Professional ko chunna chahiye?

Jab hum mental professionals ki baat kare, toh kafi duvidha mei padh sakte hai, ki kisi chune. Ontario province ke andar hi kai log psychotherapist kehlate hai, and kai log psychologist. Niche ek link hai ek articke ke liye, jisme aap samajh sakte hai ki inmei kya antar hota hai:

Psychiatrist, psychologist aur psychotherapist mei kya antar hota hai. (What is the difference between psychiatrist, psychologist, and psychotherapist.) Kis tarah ki therapy mujhe chunni chahiye? Bhasha ke alawa, kai bar hum yeh bhi sochte hai ki kis tarah ki therapy karani chahiye. Kya hum chahte hai aisi therapy jo bahut structured ho ya aisi therapy jaha thori azadi apne khayal spasht karne ki, ya phir aisi therapy jo ispe dhyaan de ki humare maansic symptoms ya anubhavo ka humare sharir pe kya asar padta hai aur kis tarah se woh anubhav humare sharir mei bhi stith hote hai.Agar aapka India mei koi anubhav raha hai therapy lene ka, toh aap dekhte honge ki kuch tarah ki therapies ab waha kafi mashur hai, jaise Psychodynamic, CBT, DBT ya Somatic body based therapies. In sabhi therapies mei aapas mei kafi antar hai and isse bhi maddat hoti hai ki hum samjhe inme kya antar hai aur humare liye kaun si tarah ki therapy sabse uchit rahegi.

Therapy mei antar kai bar aur cheezo pe bhi aadharit hota hai, jaise ki aisi therapy jo samadhan tak pahuchne mei maddat kare, ya aisi therapy jo aapko ek gehri samajh de apne bare mei. Ussi tarah se kuch logo ke liye zaruri hota hai ki therapy jaldi khatam ho aur kuch log lambi chalne wali therapy pasand karte hai,

Chahe aapki jaisi bhi kaplana ho therapy ko leke, woh apne therapist ke saath shuru mei hi baatne se therapist ki bhi maddat hoti hai aapko samajhne mei aur aapne aap ko dhaalne mei iss tarah se aapki woh aur maddat kar paye. Kaun si mental health services public ya private health insurance mei covered hai? Ek aur zaruri mudda jispe soch vichar karna chahiye, woh hai ki therapy ke liye payment kaise ki jaye. Iss vishay mei kuch cheeze puchni chahiye, ki kya aapke insurance benefits therapy ke liye coverage dete hai, agar dete hai, toh kisko coverage milti hai? Kya aapko private coverage chahiye ya OHIP bhi cover karta hai? Kuch log khud se pay karte hai. Kai logo ke liye halaki yeh ek masla hota hai. Sabse maddatgar tareeka hai ki aap directly apne therapist ko contact kare, unse puche ki unka registration kis governing body se juda hai aur phir aage apni insurance comapny se puche ki kya woh iss tarah ki therapy ke liye coverage dete hai. Kya mai samaj mei bezati sahunga/sahungi therapy lene se? Kai log therapy lene se isliye bhi hichkichate hai ki log kya kahenge. India mei abhi bhi therapy ko puri tarah apnaya nahi gaya hai aur na kewal aur log, par hum khud bhi darte hai therapy ke ird gird jo ek galat chavi banni hai, usse. Kai log sochte hai therapy mei jaane ka maltab hai ki yeh sidh hogaya ki woh insaan mentally unstable ya pagal hai, jo ki sach nahi hai. Therpay mei log kai wajao se jate hai, jisme se ek waja yeh bhi hoti hai ki hum khud aur behtar tareeke se samjhna chahte hai.

Iske chalte, aise therapist se baat karna, jo iss kashmakash ko samajhta ho, aur isse waakif ho, isse kafi raahat milti hai.

Kai bar hume yeh khayal rokta hai ki log kya kahenge. Aur kai bar hume lagta hai ki maansic vikas aur maansic bimari mei koi antar hi nahi hai. Koi bhi cheez jo mann se judi hai, jaise ki woh apne aap mei buri hai ya ek bimare ke samaan hai. Canada jaisi country mei yeh sambhav hai, ki iss tarah ki lajja ya sharam ka ehsas therapy se juda nahi hota. Agar therapy ko is tarah se samjha jaye, ki woh ek pratimbh ya reflection hi hai humare mann ki, aur ek aisi jaga jaha hum apni sabse gehri soch kisi ke saath baant sakte hai,toh yeh zyada maddatgar sabit hota hai.

Confidentiality ka kya? Kyunki hum therapy mei woh baatein karte hai, jo humare mann ki hai, kafi gehri aur kai bar kafi chupe hue khayal bhi, ya aise khayal jo hume lage ki anuchit hai, isliye itna mehtva diya jata hai therapy mei confidentiality par. Har therapist ki yeh koshish rehti hai, ki woh apne client ko yakin dila paye ki jo bhi baat un dono ke bich ho rahi hai woh kewal un dono ke bich hi rahegi. Yeh isliye zaruri hai taki client apne mann ke sabse gehre hisse behijak apne therapist se baant paye. Bhale hi yeh apne aap mei ek tareeke ka golden rule hota hai therapy mei, par iss rule mei kuch seemaye ya limitation hoti hai. Jab bhi aap therapy start kare, iss bare mei aap apne therapist se aur sala mashwara kar sakte hai, ki kin paristhiyon mei confidentiality puri tarah staphit nahi hoti aur kyun. Mai therapy ke liye taiyar hun! Mujhe Hindi bolne wala therapist kaise milega? Aaj ke time mei, jaha Google bhi hai, apni zaruroti ka samadhan dhundna kafi asaan hogaya hai. Shayad issi tarah se aapko yeh article bhi mila. Ek acha sansadhan therapist ko dhundne ka hai Psychology Today listings s. Isse istemal karna asaan hai, aap shehar ke hisab se apna therapist dhund sakte hai aur kaun si bhasha ka therapist aap chah rahe hai, yeh bhi aap filter mei laga sakte hai. Uske alawa, ontario ke therapists ki jankari aapko, (College of Registered Psychotherapists) pe bhi milegi. Is website pe bhi aap therapist dhund sakte hai jo registered hai aur apni mannpasand bhasha ka therapist bhi dhund sakte hai. Kyunki yeh article aap humari website pe padh rahe hai, toh humari website ke madhyam se bhi Hindi bolne wale therapist dhund sakte hai humari wesbite pe: Humse sampark kare Agar aapko lagta hai ki aapko ya aapke kisi janne walo ko therapy ki zarurat hai aur aap ek hindi bhashak therapist dhund rahe hai, toh aap mere ko ya meri team( my team ) ko sampark kare, aap hume email kar sakte hai Hum aapko ek hindi bolne wali therapist se connect karayenge. Humare yaha 30 min ki free phone call va video call bhi uplabdh hai (free 30-minute consultation) and hum online therapy sessions dete hai, aise stalho ke madhyam se jo safe hai aur tested hai. Agar aap kisi therapist se milke therapy lena chahenge, toh hum uske liye bhi space provide karte hai alag alag shehro mei.

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