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Body Image and Disordered Eating

Discussing disordered eating can be fraught with challenges for so many reasons.  We understand the feelings of shame or embarrassment for those experiencing disordered eating and body image challenges. We get the intersect with societal norms around food and body image, making our work sensitive and complex to navigate. We understand clients struggle to articulate their experiences, the duality of their inner battle and fears of being judged or misunderstood. Our hope is that you find refuge in the safe haven of our sessions to understand yourself and your patterns in a deep way to help you where you want and where you need.


We understand that disordered eating shows up in all different ways with all body shapes and sizes. You'll have a judgement free zone to explore and openly talk about what your struggling with. This is a safe space and there is no need to sensor yourself for others here. Use all the triggers words, we're curious about them and what they mean for you. 


Not just in sessions but also to cultivate compassion within ourselves. With the idea of seek first to understand, we work with you to get to know what happens with your triggers and awarenesses with compassion and curiosity. This isn't about forcing you to see food in a different way, this about about see you in a different way, with kindness. 

Nourishing the Soul

With a holistic, mind, body, spirit approach, we'll delve into your self to discover what your needs, your boundaries and who you are. We'll work at understanding the inner battle, that maybe it isn't you, it's simply apart of you and together we'll work at finding what works for you. 

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