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Our Therapists in Ontario

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Toronto Therapists

David Kraft is Registered Psychotherapist, qualifying. David is a deeply compassionate and empathetic psychodynamic psychotherapist committed to fostering healing and growth with his clients. With a rich artistic background, he integrates creativity into his therapeutic approach, allowing for profound self-expression and exploration. David's unwavering dedication to the well-being of his clients, combined with his empathetic nature and client-entered philosophy, creates a safe and nurturing space where individuals can embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery and personal empowerment. Currently, David is seeing client for one-on-one therapy sessions by appointment only in the Bloor Annex neighbourhood of Toronto with two different locations within 5 minutes of Bloor and Spadina. See map for Bloor Annex area of Toronto


Aurora Therapists

Barry Maloney is Registered Psychotherapist with 4+ years of experience. His strength lies in listening and being present to those who are going through their own mental, emotional and spiritual suffering. Seeing you as a whole and complete person, Barry seeks to deeply understand you and help you integrate all parts of you and your lived experiences into your being. As an eclectic psychotherapist he brings into sessions strategies and modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Focusing, Mindfulness and several trauma therapies like EMDR. This allows Barry to create a tailored space and energy for each client. Barry has studied the neurophysiology of sleep, exercise and food management and believes that each of these is a cornerstone to wellness and emotional regulation. He works with teenagers,  students and adults, as well as a passion for working athletes. Currently, Barry is seeing clients for one-on-one therapy sessions by appointment only in Aurora,  he is close to many walking trails and parks making it perfect for those who enjoy outside sessions outside. See map of Aurora for location

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Shylo is an experienced frontline mental health worker. She has completed her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, Brock University (2019) and a Post-Grad certificate in Mental Health & Addictions, Durham College (2021). Shylo has trained in Solution Focused Therapy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and most recently Gottman Method for couples therapy. In her off time Shylo enjoys hiking and sitting by the lake at the cottage. She is an avid life long learner and enjoys learning how to build things and renovate. Kelly is available to meet clients for one-on-one therapy sessions by appointment only in Oshawa. Ontario. 

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Kelly has a natural curiosity and compassion for people of all ages and stages of life. With compassion and a great sense of humour, Kelly works along side her clients to navigate life’s challenges and their own inner process. Kelly has a strong focus on meeting clients where they’re at and building a solid therapeutic alliance with her clients to create a safe space of empathy and understanding. Kelly gently encourages you to connect to yourself and explore. In her personal time, which with three young children, doesn’t happen often, Kelly can be found exploring the outdoors or new yummy brunch location, baking (she’s never met a cookie or brownie she didn’t like), reading a book or playing UNO with her family.  Kelly is available to meet clients for one-on-one therapy sessions by appointment only in Guelph Ontario. 

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Korie believes in a collaborative journey grounded in the modalities Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, and Trauma-Informed care. Her areas of focus and passion are perinatal mental health, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Korie aims to help you overcome the significant impact of anxiety and depression on your life. Through CBT, she assists in identifying and challenging negative thought patterns, developing effective coping strategies, and fostering positive behavioral changes. Together you can look forward to co-creating your treatment plan and goals, exploring your story, building resilience, discovering your strengths and promoting empowerment and self-acceptance. Korie is available to meet clients for one-on-one therapy sessions by appointment only in Scarborough, Ontario. 



Spring is a deeply compassionate therapist, who believes strongly in creating a safe space for mutual growth, wherein the therapeutic alliance advances your therapeutic processes. With avid curiosity and respect, you'll explore the innermost workings of your mind, heart and spirit. Spring believes in taking a client-centered approach to her practice, and work with clients and acknowledging you as an individual and working as your pace dictates. Spring is available to meet clients for one-on-one therapy sessions by appointment only in Peterborough, Ontario. See Map for directions

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Online Therapy & Counselling

Our Registered Psychotherapists all offer virtual appointments onlien via teleconference using Zoom, Google, Skype or other online video technology. Most of our clients who use this service are based in Ontario, but we offer remote therapy and counselling services to clients across Canada. Please check with us regarding limitations to our services. To book an online counselling or therapy session appointment, click here.

Questions about our in-person and online therapy services?

If you have any questions about our psychotherapy or counselling services, either in person or online, we invite you to reach out today via email or call us at 647-296-9235

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