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Anxiety Therapy

What to Expect & How it Works 

We understand that each person's experience of anxiety is unique to them. Some may find themselves constantly on edge, or hypervigilant, unable to relax or experience ease. Others may be caught in the never-ending narratives of their minds, dwelling on past regrets or future worries, often at the expense of the present moment. Anxiety can take on many forms, and we're here to provide you with personalized support.

Understanding Anxiety and You

Talking Things Through

We'll work together to understand and change negative thoughts and patterns that can make you feel anxious. Small changes in thinking can lead to big changes in how you feel.

Mindfulness Techniques

Simple practices like meditation and mindful breathing can bring a sense of calm. Learning to stay in the present moment helps reduce anxious thoughts.


Better Relationships

Anxiety can affect how we relate to others. We'll explore ways to improve communication and relationships, making your support network stronger.

Stepping into Discomfort

We'll take small steps to help you face and overcome your fears. Over time, this builds confidence and lessens anxiety and builds your distress tolerance.

Benefits of Anxiety Therapy

You'll discover practical ways to handle stress and tough situations with confidence. Figure out why you feel the way you do and learn more about yourself. You can gain a sense of power over your thoughts and emotions, so you can face challenges with assurance.

Anxiety is a natural response to stress. When it becomes too much, it can affect your daily life.
Anxiety therapy is here to help, giving you tools to manage and reduce those overwhelming feelings.

Our Therapists

How Anxiety Therapy Works

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