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Online Sessions

What to Expect & How it Works 

We offer online therapy sessions to residents across Ontario. You'll be able to book a free 1/2 hour consultation with a therapist from the comfort and privacy of your home–no unfamiliar offices or locations, no uncomfortable sitting rooms. All our therapists have the benefit of being covered by most private insurance plans. Please reach out to us for more information about insurance coverage

How Online Sessions Work

I'm not really sure it's a fit...

So, you've done a consultation but you're not quite sure if they're the therapist for you. That's totally okay!  The therapist will not be offended and probably feels the same too. Therapy is not a one sized fits all process. We believe and encourage you to meet with more than one therapist before making your choice of who you'd like to work with.

So go on, click that "Book a Free Consultation" button and give it a whirl, or get connected with our client care co-ordinator to discuss your therapy needs and goals and allow us to help you find that just right fit.


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