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Trauma Therapy

Trauma Informed Compassionate Care


Before engaging in therapy for trauma, it is crucial for individuals to establish a sense of stability within themselves. Stability serves as a foundation upon which the healing process can unfold effectively and safely. Without stability, therapy may become overwhelming, retraumatizing, or ineffective. Stability allows individuals to regulate their emotions, manage stressors, and cope with triggers that may arise during therapy sessions. Moreover, stability enables individuals to engage more fully in the therapeutic process, fostering a deeper connection with their therapist and facilitating the exploration of difficult emotions and memories. By prioritizing stability before delving into trauma therapy, individuals can lay the groundwork for a more constructive and empowering healing journey, ultimately leading to greater resilience and well-being.


After experiencing trauma, resilience can be the cornerstone in the journey toward recovery and healing. It serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path forward and empowering individuals to navigate the tumultuous aftermath of distressing events. It's not about "taking one on the chin" or "pulling up your britches". By embracing resilience, individuals can transcend their traumatic experiences, finding purpose and meaning. Moreover, resilience fosters a sense of community and connection. Ultimately, resilience after trauma paves the way for personal growth, renewal, and the restoration of hope in the face of adversity.


Experiencing trauma can leave a lasting imprint on our lives, yet with the right support, healing and progress are within reach. We offer a variety of evidence-based treatments tailored to help you navigate through these challenging experiences. We understand that healing from trauma is an aspect of personal growth, though it may involve some discomfort along the way. A safe, stable, and nurturing space provides an ease of judgment-free exploration and healing, where individuals can courageously delve into their innermost thoughts and emotions without fear of criticism or condemnation. We work with clients that have experienced or struggling with childhood trauma, abuse and neglect, vicarious trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, traumatic loss and grief, toxic workplace trauma, trauma experienced as adult including sex assault & rape, intimate partner violence and abuse. 

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