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Session Fees

Our Fees: $130-150/session for individuals psychotherapy sessions and $150-180/session for couple and family therapy. Our sliding scale is based on client need. You know yourself and finances best and we allow you to choose the rate that you're comfortable with. If you're seeking low-cost, financially accessible therapy, please click here.

Insurance: Please email us for our registration details to see if your specific insurance plan will provide coverage for our services. We'll send you the registration details for the therapist you'd like to work with and you can then forward that information to your insurance provider. 

Cat and Working

Financially Accessible Therapy

What to Expect & How it Works 

Offering Financially Accessible Therapy is a way of ensuring mental health support is available to all. We understand that seeking therapy shouldn't be hindered by financial constraints. We off therapy at a low cost provided by our Student Therapists/Intern-Associates, allowing for individuals from diverse economic backgrounds. Our approach focuses on delivering high-quality therapy that is affordable, empowering clients to prioritize their mental well-being without added financial stress. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to receive the support they need to thrive emotionally and psychologically, regardless of their financial circumstances.


Client Eligibility

If you... 

  • have little to no benefits, are on a limited income, or are unable to attend therapy without the assistance of this program

  • are an adult aged 18+

  • are a resident of Ontario

  • are aware this service is appropriate for mild to moderate symptoms

  • are aware this service is not appropriate for severe symptoms, major trauma or crisis

Meet Our Intern-Associates

 Unless otherwise noted in their profiles, our student therapists do not work with the following: children, couples or families, severe symptoms or crisis situation, trauma/PTSD, psychiatric disorders, addiction/substance abuse, eating disorders.

Shylo Heayn

Shylo is a Registered Psychotherapist, qualifying with a background in training from Durham college for Addictions and mental health. Shylo has also completed additional training to be able to offer couples and family therapy. If you're struggling with substance abuse, self-esteem, life transitions, anxiety or depression, Shylo could be a great fit!

Fee: pay what you can, or free up to 8 sessions based on limited income and no benefits

Shylo is being supervised by Kameela Osman, MSW, RSW, Social Worker & Psychotherapist.

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