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Shylo, Registered Psychotherapist, 

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Shylo's path as a therapist started with her attending Durham College for Mental Health and Addictions, where she found a deep desire to provide support and help in the lives of others. She embarked on her own transformative path of training and education, where she honed her skills and knowledge that she now brings to clients. Shylo possesses a remarkable ability to meet people where they are at in their personal journeys, ensuring that her care is as individual as the clients she serves.


Within her therapeutic practice, Shylo offers individual, couples, and family therapy services. She understands that each person and relationship is unique unto itself, and creates a space of empathy for her clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and worries. Shylo's warmth, honest and gentle nature are her guide working with clients towards their path of healing, growth, and self-discovery.


Availability: Weekdays and Evenings, Weekends by Appointment only

Services Offered:

Individual therapy, adult therapy, couples therapy and family therapy

Areas of Focus & Passion

ADHD, Addictions, drug and substance use/abuse, Trauma, PTSD, Dissociation, Life Transitions, Anxiety, Social Anxiety & Anxiety Disorders, Depression & Dysthymia, Anger Management, Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, Mood Disorders, Behavioural Issues, Stress, Emotional Regulation & Executive Function

When I'm not working....

Shylo is a lover of nature and being outside in the forest, by lake or somewhere off the beaten path. A place where she finds solace, inspiration, and boundless beauty. This deep connection to nature has become part of her spiritual practice that has influenced her therapeutic approach to be one that is more holistic and integrative in mind body and spirit.

Shylo actively engages in volunteer work, dedicating her time and energy to causes that resonate deeply with her. She's a devoted foster parent to dogs in need, providing them with the safety, love and care they need as they journey towards finding their forever families and she’s only foster failed once!

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