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My Therapy Dogs

Who they are and what they do


Trinket is everyones therapy dog. With a natural sass and trust for people, she's able to get into the hearts and laps of anyone ready and willing to experience the undeniable therapeutic ability pets can provide to us. 

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Swayze is still training to be a therapy dog. Swayze is not for everyone, he's a bit picky but when he connects, it's strong and he's at the side of my clients attuned to their needs, sometimes before they are. 

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Rainbow Bridge Therapy Dogs

These are my therapy dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge and who I know are still providing love, support and comfort to those in need


No one could ever have a bad word to say about Zowie. Everyone, including strangers, were just friends she hadn't met yet. Zowie was the highest energy dog I ever had and only in her senior years did her therapy abilities shine. She knew what clients needed, distraction, grounding, or a simple head on their knee. 
We all miss her.



I knew Hooligan would be a therapy dog early on. He was my rock. Hooligan was able to bring the same stable comforting energy to may clients prior to his crossing the rainbow bridge. He is missed by clients, friends and family.

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