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Nadia Kassam

Registered Psychotherapist, qualifying

Nadia has a natural curiosity and compassion for people, always seeking first to understand when working with clients and attuning to their needs. Collaboratively, you can expect Nadia to walk your healing path with you with empathy, guidance and humility. Nadia values and strives to connect with her clients to build a solid foundation and strong alliance to continuously meet her clients where they're at.
Nadia takes an integrative approach when working with clients and draws on strength-based and person-centred approaches allowing her to connect compassionately, building client resilience.

My Story

Nadia is a dedicated Registered Psychotherapist, qualifying. Her journey from a career as a health and safety officer to becoming a therapist reflects her deep-rooted passion for aiding others in their healing journey. 


Before entering the field of psychotherapy, Nadia worked in areas of disability management, work reintegration and served as health and safety officer, where she tirelessly advocated for the well-being of employees. Her determination to create healthier, safer work environments has always been a driving force in her career. With a strong background in promoting employee welfare and implementing safety measures, she transitioned seamlessly into the field of psychotherapy, helping clients find their own voice and to advocate for themselves.


Nadia's dedication to her clients as a psychotherapist is evident in her efforts to help them overcome trauma, emotional injuries, depression, anxiety and so much more. Her empathetic and compassionate approach empowers clients to find strength, resilience, and a renewed sense of self. She firmly believes that every individual holds within themselves the capacity for healing and personal growth.


Beyond her professional life, Nadia's personal interests reflect her zest for life. She finds joy in traveling, exploring new cultures, and broadening her horizons. Her love for experimentation extends to fusion cooking, where she combines diverse culinary influences to create unique and delectable dishes with those she loves.


Nadia is an artist at heart, spending her free time engaging in creative pursuits. Her artistry serves as an outlet for self-expression and connection to the therapeutic power of creativity. She values quality time with loved ones and cherishes the moments spent with family and friends. As a Marvel enthusiast, she eagerly awaits the latest blockbuster releases, immersing herself in the epic tales of superheroes and supervillains.


Nadia embodies the qualities of compassion, dedication, and offers a holistic approach to the healing journey with her clients.

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