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Kaitlin, Registered Psychotherapist, 

Kaitlin McManus headshot.jpg

Kaitlin is a multifaceted Psychotherapist. Her practice focuses on supporting individuals grappling with various mental and emotional challenges, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief, addiction, and other complex life circumstances. Her hope is to help clients in their transformative journey towards self-discovery, fostering healing connection within themselves, relationships, and the world around them.

Central to Kaitlin's approach is bringing together evidence-based and trauma-informed techniques to help her clients in overcoming past traumas and navigating through difficult emotions and life situations. Kaitlin empowers her clients to cultivate autonomy, deepen self-understanding and an overall well-being in mind, body and spirit.

Availability: Weekdays and Evenings 

Services Offered:

Individual therapy, young adults 18+, adults and seniors

Areas of Focus & Passion

Anxiety, Social Anxiety & Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Addictions, Grief and Loss Support, Body Image, Self Esteem and Self Compassion, Trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD, Life Transitions, Depression & Dysthymia, Bipolar Disorder, Anger Management, Burn out and Stress, Spirituality and intuitive development, Childhood Abuse and Trauma, Sexual Abuse

When I'm not working....

Kaitlin is drawn to all things esoteric and can be found exploring spiritual ideas and beliefs. She loves to be out exploring in nature and going on hikes with her new cat, Ms. Bru-haha. Time with her community, friends and family is enjoyed with a good cup of coffee and laughter. 

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