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Group Therapy

 Connect & Discover

"Connect and Discover" is a comprehensive 8-week virtual group therapy program led by experienced therapists Spring Berriman RP and Korie Borg MSW RSW. Tailored for individuals seeking a structured yet flexible therapeutic experience, this program aims to cultivate emotional well-being, foster personal growth, and build resilience within a supportive online community.

Date: Mondays - January 15th to March 11th 2024
Time: 630pm -8:30pm 
Where: Via ZOOM 

Fee: 345+HST = $389.45

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Week 01 - January 15 2024

Orientation and Connection

Participants embark on the program by engaging in group activities designed to establish a sense of community. Therapists introduce the program's structure, goals, and guidelines, emphasizing the creation of a safe and trusting virtual space. The session includes an introduction to mindfulness practices and an opportunity for participants to set individual goals.

Week 02 - January 22 2024

Emotional Exploration

We're delving  into self-discovery, participants explore guided exercises and discussions focused on identifying emotions and aligning thoughts with feelings.

Eyes Closed
Psychologist Session

Week 03 - January 29 2024

Cognitive Insight

This session introduces Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the practice of shifting perspectives. The group collectively examines the power of self-reflection in fostering positive change.

Week 04 - February 05 2024

Body-Mind Connection

Participants explore the interconnectedness of body and mind, with an introduction to Somatic Experiencing. The group practices skills and techniques to reduce distress.

Yoga Stretches
Plus Size Model

Week 05 - February 12 2024

Coping and Mindfulness

The focus shifts to practical coping mechanisms and mindfulness techniques. Participants learn stress reduction methods, mindfulness meditation, and are introduced to distress tolerance skills.

Week 06 - March 11 2024


Participants collaboratively explore acceptance and self-compassion through a guided exploration. We'll evaluate core beliefs with an opportunity to release limiting beliefs while guiding individuals in their relationship to self now and in future.

Model Shouting

Week 07 - March 04 2024

Finding your Voice

This week centers on a guided exploration of the chakras and the sacred sounds associated to them. We'll use our voice to activate and vibe out (literally) as we discover the power of our voice.

Week 08 - March 11 2024

Integration, Future Planning & Closure

In our final week, we reflect on progress, celebrate achievements, and discuss future goals. In this collaborative session we explore ways in which newfound skills and insights can be applied in your everyday life. The group collectively develops personalized action plans for continued growth beyond Discover & Connect

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