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Christina is a compassionate therapist dedicated to facilitating growth and healing in her clients. With a firm belief in the power of a safe and supportive space, Christina fosters an environment where mutual growth can flourish. She approaches therapy with genuine curiosity and respect for her clients and their own unique healing process, supporting clients through an exploration of their innermost thoughts, emotions, and spirit.

Christina's client-centered approach means she meets each individual or couple where they are on their journey, respecting their pace and honouring their  experiences. Clients who seek her support often come seeking assistance with life transitions and resilience building, depression, relationship challenges and communication, anxiety, and the cultivation of self-confidence and self-esteem.

In her practice, Christina works alongside her clients as they discover their inner strength and capacity for healing. Her therapeutic style is characterized by compassion, understanding, and a touch of humor. With Christina, clients can expect a supportive partnership focused on growth and transformation.

Christina, Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying


Availability: Weekdays and Evenings, limited weekend availability

Services Offered

Individual therapy, adults therapy & couples therapy

My Clients Seek Support With:

Couples Connection & Intimacy, Codependency, Self Esteem and Body Image, Life Transitions, Communication Challenges, Relationship Distress, Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Parenting, Women's Issues, Stress

When I'm not working....

Away from the therapy room, you'll find me reveling in the warmth of family moments, often accompanied by the delightful presence of my two furry companions - my dogs. Whether we're exploring the great outdoors, diving into creative activities, or simply savoring a quiet moment at home, I recognize the importance of balance and self-care in my own life.

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