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Aastha Jain

Registered Psychotherapist

Aastha has devoted 9+ years creating a judgement free space for clients to discover themselves as psychodynamic therapist. In creating this space, she helps clients take a deep dive into their inner self where it’s safe to say anything and deeply understand yourself. She draws on other modalities such as DBT, CBT and mindfulness assisting clients with difficulties like depression, anxiety, trauma, relational issues to self and others, body image, self esteem and long standing unhelpful patterns. Aastha is passionate working with those that have recently migrated to Canada for school or work and has extensive experience working with those who identify as part of South Asian population. Aastha creates and holds a gentle space of comfort for those seeking help and support and feels drawn to those that identify as the “outcast” or those feeling “othered” in the world today. You can find Aastha painting in both acrylic and watercolour in her downtime or reading a variety of books from Sally Rooney to Mingyur Rinpoche.

My Story

Ms Aastha, is a Registered Psychotherapist with 9 years of experience of working with adults in diverse set ups like NGO, Colleges, mental health hospital and private practice as well. In these years she has worked with individuals presenting with varied emotional difficulties like depression, anxiety, relational issues, long standing unhelpful patterns, trauma, identity & self related confusion, body image issues and many other difficulties. She also works extensively with individuals who have moved across countries in capacity of a student, for work or as immigrant and understands how dislocated one can feel and it can be difficult to give words to how one feels. Owing to her own different background, hailing from another country, she is always keen to work with any individual who experiences such a sense of being an “outcast” or “other”.
In the space that she offers, she borrows from several evidence based approaches like DBT, CBT, mindfulness based techniques as she was trained as a Clinical Psychologist in India. Apart from that ; she relies strongly on psychoanalytically informed approach for it allows her to work with the deeper parts of the person’s mind, and those aspects which are unconscious and lie outside of one’s awareness. The words of Keats captures the essence of the work; “ ‘nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced”. Aastha strives to give a space which feels judgment free to discover oneself, say
anything and in time understand oneself in a more real and deep way  In her free time, Aastha enjoys reading books from different genres, painting in acrylic and water color medium and enjoys running regularly.

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